Powers of Ten

Let’s get started with the movie: Powers of Ten.

I quote from the entry in Charles and Ray Eames Site:

We hear about scale every day, whether it be supertankers, stars burning thousands of lightyears away, the study of microscopic viruses, or global warming. Understanding scale, or as the Eameses said, “the effect of adding another zero,”  has the power to make us better scholars and better citizens.

Charles and Ray’s documentary, Powers of Ten—one of most famous short films ever made—has been seen as an exemplar for teaching and understanding the importance of scale for nearly four decades. Now you can explore these ideas with your class, company, or family in tandem with Scale is the New Geography, a companion film to Powers of Ten by Charles’s grandson, Eames Demetrios. Learn more about the films and watch them below.

Before you go back to Good Design is Good Business or if want maybe browse the site, take a look at the exposition on Charles and Ray Eames the Vitra Design  Museum has created:

“Charles & Ray Eames. The Power of Design”
September 30, 2017  – February 25, 2018
Vitra Design Museum Gallery
Charles-Eames-Straße 2,  Weil am Rhein


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